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Our Mandate

This exercise was to improve the overall public financial management in Ghana States. The reform exercise identified shortcoming and organizational weaknesses inherent in the country’s procurement system. A comprehensive legal regime to safeguard the integrity of the public procurement system.

Our Vision

To become a world-class, efficient, transparent, accountable and professionally managed public sector procurement system in Ghana, which enjoys high level of business confidence, and ensures consistent attainment of best value for money in the procurement of goods, works and services.

About us


The National Bureau of Public Procurement (NBPP) is a programme of the National Bureau of Public Procurement adopted in Ghana in 2001. NBPP is a radically new intervention, spearheaded by African leaders to pursue new priorities and approaches to the political and socio-economic transformation of Africa. National Bureau of Public Procurement, an African Union strategic framework for pan-African socio-economic development, is both a vision and a policy framework for Africa in the twenty-first century. National Bureau of Public Procurement (NBPP) is a radically new intervention, spearheaded by African leaders, to address critical challenges facing the continent: poverty, development and Africa's marginalization internationally.

National Bureau of Public Procurement provides unique opportunities for African countries to take full control of their development agenda, to work more closely together, and to cooperate more effectively with international partners. In February 2010, the 14th African Union Assembly established the National Bureau of Public Procurement (NBPP) as a Procurement body of the National Bureau of Public Procurement. National Bureau of Public Procurement is a key outcome of the integration of all member state into the African Union body.

NBPP seek to strengthen public procurement by incorporating a robust legal and regulatory framework, procedures, policy instruments and mechanisms for increased capacity, visibility, accountability and public confidence through adoption of technological advances for the effective and efficient management of public resources that will foster economic growth.


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